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Bandleader Orbert Davis and friends perform their Emmy-winning score from the documentary DuSable to Obama.

It happened 84 years ago, but many Chicagoans still associate Valentine's Day with a massacre. Take a look at the late John Callaway's 2004 "Chicago Stories" piece about gangland Chicago's most infamous hour.

Rick Bayless Shares Cocktail Recipe for Valentine's Day

Top Chef and Mexico: One Plate at a Time host Rick Bayless shares his recipe for a Mexican El Diablo cocktail. 

A new WTTW special covers the mock retrial of Mary Todd Lincoln, who was tried and institutionalized for insanity a decade after Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Would she be institutionalized under today's laws?

Why is this billboard turning heads in River North? And should it be taken down? Paris Schutz reports.

As Hadiya Pendleton's murder inspires national gun safety legislation, Police Chief Garry McCarthy is here to discuss why state laws need to change.

The Illinois Senate approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage—bringing it one step closer to becoming law. The bill passed the Senate in a 34-21-2 vote, but now faces a tougher vote as it moves to the Illinois House of Representatives. See how Senate members voted in our interactive graphic.