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(Giuseppe Milo / Flickr)

Researchers of demographic shifts in the Chicago region have some interesting takeaways following analysis of census data. One calls the findings “staggering.”

Lawmakers finally pass a budget, but Illinois bonds may still face a junk rating. Holiday weekend violence despite increased police presence. Can the underperforming Cubs right the World Series ship?

University of Illinois researchers and physicians at Carle Foundation Hospital developed a rapid test for sepsis that counts white blood cells and certain protein markers that surge when a person’s immune response increases. (Credit: Janet Sinn-Hanlon)

Sepsis affects more than 1 million hospital patients each year in the U.S., but detecting it can take days. Now, scientists at the University of Illinois are developing a rapid test to detect the potentially deadly condition.

We toast the analytical chemist and former South Side resident by switching up the elements of a classic Manhattan.

A senior state transportation official allowed an unlicensed pilot to fly state helicopters multiple times over the course of nearly 10 years, according to a newly published report from the state’s top watchdog.

(Chicago Tonight)

The Chicago Teachers Union claims Saucedo Academy teacher Sarah Chambers was suspended and later fired by the Board of Education in retalation for blowing the whistle on special education law violations.