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Brendt Christensen (Macon County Sheriff's Department)

A new charge against 28-year-old suspect Brendt Christensen opens up the possibility of the death penalty for the Champaign man charged in the disappearance and murder of a Chinese student.

Is there a connection between losing the ability to smell and a greater risk of dementia? A co-author of a new University of Chicago study says it “may be an important early sign.” 

(Courtesy Lincoln Park Zoo)

It looks like an art project, but a seven-floor structure at Lincoln Park Zoo is outfitted with logs, bricks, sticks and other materials to provide cozy spaces for insects to nest.

A new book by a Chicago community activist and mentor explains how cities can become safer and more equitable, and why we all have a stake in our neighborhoods. 

(Courtesy of Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

In one of Cook County Jail’s maximum security units, some detainees are given access to pens for the towering task of writing their memoirs. How these men are earning a new label: authors.

(Joe Ravi / Wikimedia Commons)

“Blockbuster” and “epic” are the words being used to describe the cases on the U.S. Supreme Court docket this term. We discuss the key cases.

An artist’s impression of gravitational waves generated by binary neutron stars. (Credits: R. Hurt / Caltech-JPL)

The Nobel Prize committee called it “a discovery that shook the world.” A local scientist explains gravitational waves.

Geoffrey Baer explores an eccentric architect’s wacky proposal for the World’s Fair in this encore edition of Ask Geoffrey.

Watch the Oct. 4, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Fred Friedman of Next Steps

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups are suing the city and the Police Department so they can be part of reform talks. The suit alleges that brutality “is magnified for people with disabilities.”

Food trucks, vintage VHS, marathon runners and South Side films usher in the weekend. Here are 10 things to do in Chicago.