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Northwestern Project to Study What Local News Readers Want

(Rdsmith4 / Wikimedia Commons)

With local news facing staff cuts and shrinking content, can a new project at Northwestern University be the lifeline it needs?

State Sen. Sam McCann Challenging Primary Winners in Governor’s Race


There’s a new candidate in the race for governor. A conversation with state Sen. Sam McCann.

‘The Fox Hunt’ a Story of 4 Strangers, 3 Faiths and 1 Remarkable Escape

(Courtesy Mohammed Al Samawi)

A refugee’s harrowing escape from war-torn Yemen is also a remarkable story of interfaith cooperation.  

Brookfield Zoo Performs CT Scan on 2,300-Pound Black Rhinoceros

(Courtesy Chicago Zoological Society)

Hoping to identify the source of an infection, veterinarians performed what is thought to be the first ever CT scan on a rhinoceros.

Illinois Woman’s Death Linked to Synthetic Marijuana Use


Synthetic cannabinoid use has now been linked to four deaths in Illinois since late March, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Chicago-Style Magic Reappears in Andersonville


Chicago has a style of magic? It does. We check out a North Side lounge that aims to recreate the spirit of Chicago-style close-up magic.

Michael Madigan Wins 6th Term as Head of Illinois’ Democratic Party

(Amanda Vinicky / Chicago Tonight)

He first became head of the Democratic Party of Illinois in 1998. Despite his longevity, House Speaker Michael Madigan isn’t a beloved figure.

Downtown to O’Hare in 32 Minutes: On Board a Little-Used Metra Line


While talk of building a new express train to O’Hare heats up, we explore a little-known line that already goes there.

Chicago Cellist Ifetayo Ali-Landing, 15, Makes Symphony Center Debut


The young musician joins us in conversation and performance ahead of her Chicago professional debut with the Chicago Sinfonietta next month. 

Russians Hacking Routers in the US and UK, Officials Warn

(Christoph Scholz / Flickr)

Government officials from the U.S. and the United Kingdom warn that Russian hackers are targeting consumer and business routers. How to protect your devices.

Dorothy Brown Announces 2nd Bid for Chicago Mayor


The Cook County circuit court clerk talks about her surprise run for mayor of Chicago.

Study: Gene Therapy for Blood Disorder Ends Need for Transfusions


A rare blood disorder called thalassemia requires regular blood transfusions, but gene therapy may change that, according to a new study.

‘Don’t Panic’: Chicago Officials Hope to Save Lives With Safe Haven Law


April is “Save Abandoned Babies Month” in Illinois. Chicago police and fire officials hope to raise awareness of the state’s safe haven law in the hopes of saving infant lives.

Illinois Gets Huge Donation for Synthetic Cannabinoids Treatment


How a donation of nearly 800,000 tablets of vitamin K can help treat severe bleeding related to the use of synthetic cannabinoids.

Adler to Honor NASA Volcanologist With Women in Space Science Award

Rosaly Lopes (Twitter)

A conversation with NASA research scientist Rosaly Lopes, who will be recognized this week at an event celebrating women in space science. 

Scientists Discover ‘Suicidal’ Octopus Colonies Near Ocean Floor

(Phil Torres and Geoff Wheat / The Field Museum)

A team of scientists was exploring a rocky patch of ocean floor when they found something that shouldn’t have been there: octopuses – lots of them.