Harvesting of Summer Crops Continues

The WTTW organic vegetable garden is thriving this summer despite all the rain and fluctuations in temperature. The Organic Gardener Jeanne Nolan joins us to harvest mid-summer crops. She also gives us some tips on what vegetables can still be planted at this point in the season. 

See what’s been happening in the garden.

Last November, we planted cloves of Spanish Roja garlic which were left to overwinter. Monday, Nolan harvested the bulbs using a trowel.

The garlic could be used now, or if we’re willing to wait a little longer, cured for winter use. 

A harvested bulb of garlic.A harvested bulb of garlic. What is curing?

Curing is the process of letting garlic dry for long-term storage. Nolan says it takes about a month for garlic to dry.

Prep for curing

“You want to clean the dirt, trim the roots—you want to leave six to eight inches of the stem—and then tie a few garlic bulbs together,” Nolan said. “And then hang them so they are exposed to air in a cool dry place, like a garage, closet, or screened porch.”

Tip: Be sure to keep the garlic out of direct sunlight while you're curing it.

Garlic use

Should you run out of garlic before the curing process is completed, it’s fine to use it as is.

“You can use garlic at any time during the curing process,” Nolan said. Cured garlic can be stored for up to a year.

Watch a video of Eddie Arruza and Jeanne Nolan harvesting garlic, red cabbage, and Chioggia beets. Also, find out which crops you can still plant this summer.