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Stories by Eddie Arruza

Health Exchange Navigators

While the federal Health Care Exchange website may be plagued with problems, it hasn’t stopped so-called “navigators” from helping thousands of people enroll for health insurance in Illinois. We pay a visit to a navigator at work. Read an article.

Ventra Glitches & Confusion

A very bumpy start to the CTA's new Ventra payment system has forced the transit agency to change gears. We hear what some passengers have to say, and get the latest on the CTA's newly revised plan. Read an article and share your thoughts.

New Book Explores ‘Homophobia in the Black Church’

African-American churches are among the fervent opponents of same-sex marriage. The topic is the subject of a new book called "Homophobia in the Black Church: How Faith, Politics and Fear Divide the Black Community."

The Dark Energy Camera

It’s the world’s most powerful digital camera and it sits atop the Blanco telescope in the Andes Mountains of Chile. But it was constructed on the campus of Fermilab in far west suburban Batavia. The Dark Energy Camera officially began its work on August 31 and has already captured some amazing images of outer space. Its real mission, though, is to help scientists figure out if so-called Dark Energy is responsible for the universe’s accelerating expansion. We learn how the camera is helping scientists unravel one of the greatest mysteries in the cosmos. Watch videos and view a slideshow.

Loyola's Institute of Environmental Sustainability

It’s both a center for environmental studies and an environmentally friendly building. We go inside Loyola University’s new Institute of Environmental Sustainability. Read an article.

Decorated 9/11 Survivor

Retired Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis is a decorated survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. In 2001, he was a Public Affairs Officer on duty at the Pentagon when American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the building. He joins us 12 years after that fateful day.

The World's Most Valuable Book

It is believed to be the world’s most valuable book but you may never have heard of it. And now it’s up for auction with an estimated sale price of between $15-$30 million. We tell you what the extremely rare and pricey tome is when we get a firsthand look at it in our studio on Tuesday.

Rapid Transit Task Force

Gov. Pat Quinn's rapid transit task force meets for the first time to assess the area's troubled transit boards. We have the details on what task force members and the public had to say.

Bitcoin: What Is It?

(BTC Keychain / Flickr)

What is a Bitcoin? Where do they come from and how are they used? And why are more and more governments taking a careful look at this first-ever cyber currency?

CVS Opens Local Pharmacy Distribution Center

CVS has opened a massive mail order pharmacy in Mount Prospect. We tour the facility and hear what the company's CEO has to say about the impact of the Affordable Care Act.

World's Fair of Money

From the very first coin authorized by President George Washington to the yet-to-be-issued newly redesigned $100 bill, we visit the World’s Fair of Money at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont to see what $1 billion in historic rare coins and paper money looks like. Eddie Arruza has the story. Read an article and view a slideshow.

Latest News from Outer Space

A photo of earth from 1 billion miles away, what the Curiosity Rover has discovered after a year on Mars, and a spacecraft that may now be traveling beyond the solar system. Astrophysicist Chris Lintott joins us to explore some of the latest and most amazing stories from outer space. View a slideshow and vote on your favorite photo in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 Contest.

City Inoculates Ash Trees

The City of Chicago says it now has a greener and more cost-effective way to treat ash trees infested by the destructive Emerald Ash Borer. City crews are inoculating the trees. Officials say the treatment will spare tens of thousands of trees from being cut down, and saves $1,000 per tree in removal costs. We look at how effective the treatment is. Read an article.

Fashion Outlets of Chicago

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago is set to make its big grand opening in Rosemont next week. We take you inside the mega outlet mall to see what developers say will be a game changer in area retail shopping. Read an article and view a slideshow.

Training for School Principals

Some innovative programs are preparing school principals for struggling urban schools by mentoring them and getting them firsthand experience. We look at how the Center for Urban Education Leadership at UIC and the nonprofit New Leaders are training 21st century urban school principals for the tough job they face. Read an article.

Bus Rapid Transit

It could be one of the most dramatic changes to Chicago's public transportation system in decades. We look at the proposed Bus Rapid Transit plans for Ashland Avenue and the Loop.


Bringing manufacturing back to America is being called "reshoring." But will the U.S. ever regain its manufacturing supremacy? We take a look at the phenomenon and how the Chicago area is faring.

Nature Preserve Planned for North Side

It's been something of a dead zone for decades, but now the City of Chicago has plans to resurrect part of a North Side cemetery.  We'll tell you about the proposed West Ridge Nature Preserve.

Women in Combat

Local female veterans react to the Pentagon lifting the ban on women in combat.

Local Congressman Hires First Illinois DREAMer

The first young immigrant in Illinois to receive work authorization under President Obama's deportation-relief order is now working for a U.S. congressman. We bring you his story.

LGBT Senior Housing

It will be the first of its kind in the Midwest: affordable housing geared towards gay and lesbian senior citizens. We look at how and why the new building in Lakeview came about.

Norman Rockwell Painting on Chicago Auction Block

A rare Norman Rockwell painting is up for auction here this weekend, and it could set a Chicago record. Eddie Arruza has the story.

Diabetes Education

A door-to-door diabetes education campaign in two of Chicago's poorest neighborhoods is resulting in some surprising finds and encouraging outcomes.


Getting to be in your 80s and 90s and still having the mind of someone much younger is everyone's dream. But now researchers are looking into how so-called "SuperAgers" manage to do it. We take a look.

Chicago's Mother Cabrini Shrine Reopens

There were doubts that it would survive, but the shrine and chapel dedicated to Mother Frances Cabrini has been refurbished and reopened. Eddie Arruza takes us inside the restored sacred landmark in Lincoln Park.