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Stories by Erica Gunderson

Bridget Coughlin Dives in as the Shedd's New CEO

The Shedd Aquarium has a new CEO in Bridget Coughlin. She joins "Chicago Tonight" to talk about her varied experience and what she anticipates for the future of the beloved aquarium.

Ask Geoffrey: How the ‘L’ Do You Spell That?

Geoffrey Baer tackles three questions about Chicago's beloved rapid transit system, including the various spellings of the system, in this encore edition of Ask Geoffrey.

Business Good for Airbnb Host Despite Englewood’s Bad Reputation

Among the reviews for Nonya's B&B in Englewood are comments like this: “Her place was very clean and organized.” (Erica Gunderson)

Meet the woman who makes her living hosting visitors from all over the world in every nook and cranny of her four-bedroom, two-bath home in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

Chicago Cubs and White Sox Top the MLB

There's a lot of joy in Chicagoland as our baseball teams are off to a hot start this season. Is this the year Chicago's crosstown rivals will finally see each other in the World Series?

Viewer Feedback: ‘Wildlife Should be Respected’

Hear what viewers had to say about the battle over the Lucas Museum and bobcat hunting in Illinois when we read comments from the "Chicago Tonight" website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Original Chicago Cocktail: The Hinky Drink

Belly up to the bar and get a little taste of Chicago’s spirited history. We're raising a glass to Michael “Hinky Dink” Kenna, who famously crowed “Chicago ain’t no sissy town.”

Ask Geoffrey: Who is Shields, as in ‘35th and Shields’?

Geoffrey Baer shares the story of the remarkable man who gave Sox Park's famous intersection one of its names.

An Exclusive Bridge Club: Chicago’s River Bridges Turn 100

Four of Chicago's river bridges are turning 100 this year, bringing the total of river bridges in the century club to 24. We talk with expert Patrick McBriarty about how the river bridges keep Chicago moving. 

Chicago Tonight Puzzle: May Challenge

Sandor Weisz is back with another brain-baffling puzzle. Congratulations to our winner, Steve Orlove. You can still play the puzzle – or you can discover the solution.

Viewer Feedback: ‘Let All Citizens of Chicago Voice Their Opinions’

Hear what viewers had to say about the ongoing battle over the Lucas Museum when we read feedback from the "Chicago Tonight" website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Viewer Feedback: ‘Replace Police with the National Guard’

Hear what viewers had to say about our conversation with Lori Lightfoot and Dean Angelo, Phil Ponce's discussion with Archbishop Blaise Cupich and our interview with Julie DiCaro when we read feedback from the "Chicago Tonight" website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Viewer Feedback: ‘Put a Lawyer in Every Police Car’

Hear what viewers had to say about our discussion of the task force report with Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo when we read feedback from the "Chicago Tonight" website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ask Geoffrey: Any ‘Magic Finger’ Beds at ‘60s Motel in River North?

Geoffrey Baer visits a retro motel in River North, a towering turtle on the Near West Side and a vanishing South Side lake in this week's encore edition of Ask Geoffrey.

New Book Builds Recognition of Forgotten Chicago Architect

It could be said that the work of Chicago architect Benjamin Marshall has been hiding in plain sight for a century. A new book reveals Marshall as an architect whose work helped refine and modernize young Chicago.

Viewer Feedback: ‘Insightful Without the Sentimentality’

Hear what viewers had to say about our discussion of the police accountability task force's report and Carol Marin's conversation with Ron Magers when we read feedback from the "Chicago Tonight" website, and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ask Geoffrey: A League of Chicago’s Own

Chicago women had a professional baseball league of their own in the 1940s and '50s. Geoffrey Baer has the story of the National Girls Baseball League.

New Book ‘The Gray Rhino’ Puts Emphasis on Recognizing Looming Threats

From climate change to leaky roofs, disasters big and small can often be avoided if the warning signs are recognized and acted upon in time. And while it can be easy to see the crisis approaching, it's not always easy to know when or how to react.

Final Installment of ‘10 That Changed America’ Airs Tuesday

St. Augustine, Florida

Geoffrey Baer visits 10 American towns in the final installment of the "10 That Changed America" series, airing at 8 p.m. Tuesday night on WTTW.

Pilsen, Hyde Park Sites on List of State’s Most Endangered Historic Places

St. Adalbert Church in Pilsen. (Landmarks Illinois / Flickr)

A Catholic church in the Pilsen neighborhood is among 11 sites on this year's list of most endangered historic places in Illinois.

Ask Geoffrey: What Exactly Does Division Street Divide?

In this edition of Ask Geoffrey, our local history expert Geoffrey Baer hits the streets to answer road-related questions such as, Why are there so many angled streets running northwest in Chicago? And, What exactly does Division Street divide? And, Where is Beethoven Place?

Geoffrey Baer Explores ‘10 Parks That Changed America’ on WTTW

The second installment of WTTW's "10 That Changed America" premiers Tuesday. This time, host Geoffrey Baer looks at 10 American parks that changed how we live and play in our cities.

Crain’s Roundup: McDonald’s Rallies, Ricketts Pick Up Another Rooftop

Crain’s Chicago Business managing editor Ann Dwyer takes a closer look at McDonald’s success with its new CEO, the auctioning of the remaining Caputo & Sons grocery stores and the latest Wrigley rooftop bought by the Ricketts family. 

Chicago Tonight Puzzle: April Challenge

Sandy Weisz returns with a new video puzzle and photo puzzles. Submit your answer by 10 a.m. Monday, April 18 for a chance to win our puzzle prize package!