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Stories by Kristen Thometz

NIU Student Develops Health Care Website for Immigrants

“My main hope is to make it easier for people to access health care,” said Yosue Perez, whose website maps health care providers in Illinois that serve people regardless of their immigration status.

Cook County Urges Vaccination of Pets After Rabid Kitten Found

Pet owners should not panic, local health officials say, but take precautions after a rabid kitten was found in Carroll County.

New Law Paves the Way for Noise Monitors on Lake Shore Drive

(Jason Mrachina / Flickr)

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a measure this week allowing the city to install noise monitors along the scenic expressway, following residents’ complaints.

CDC Links Backyard Chickens to Nationwide Salmonella Outbreaks

As more people flock to the backyard poultry trend, the number of salmonella infections are likely to increase, says Illinois Department of Public Health veterinarian Dr. Connie Austin.

Eclipse Trips to Carbondale Come With Traffic Jam Hangovers

(Elizabeth Brackett / Chicago Tonight)

Thousands of people swarmed to Carbondale to watch the solar eclipse on Monday. And thousands hit the road as soon as the celestial event was over.

Pediatricians Warn About Rapid Weight Changes in Youth Athletes

“Sometimes, children and teens in certain sports believe they need to achieve a particular body type to be successful,” said Dr. Rebecca Carl. “Unless they have a healthy strategy to work toward their goals, however, they can end up defeating themselves and causing health problems.”

CDC: Teen Drug Overdose Deaths Increased in 2015

Following years of steady decreases, a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a significant rise in teen overdose deaths in 2015. “It’s disappointing,” said Renee Manworren, a local researcher.

Solar Eclipse Chicago: 12 Watch Parties on Aug. 21

A total solar eclipse, which is when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will occur across 14 states in the continental U.S. on Aug 21, 2017. (Credit: NASA)

Join us online for live coverage from Chicago’s Adler Planetarium starting at 11:40 a.m. Heading outside? Here are 12 places in and around Chicago where you can celebrate the eclipse. 

Study: Cost, Severity of Opioid Overdose Admissions to ICU Rising

For years, critical care doctors have noticed an increase in patients suffering from opioid overdoses. A new study confirms their observations and details the staggering cost of treatment.

Media Depictions of Pregnancy, Post-Baby Bodies ‘Unrealistic,’ Studies Find

“A lot of women said it sets an unrealistic standard when they see Beyoncé in a magazine and she looks fantastic,” said researcher Toni Liechty. “If those are the images you’re seeing, you think that it’s common.”

Illinois Eliminates Statutes of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse Crimes

(Meagan Davis / Wikimedia Commons)

“This law sends a message to survivors of felony child sex crimes that it is not too late to come forward,” said Polly Poskin, executive director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, in a statement.

Chicago Entrepreneurs Shine Light on Preventing Elderly Falls

(Luna Lights, Inc.)

Falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults. How one local company is trying to prevent them from occurring, while allowing older adults to maintain their independence.

Illinois Expands Organ Donor Registry to Teens

Under a new law, Illinois residents as young as 16 years old can sign up to become organ and tissue donors when they receive their driver’s license or state ID cards. 

Budget Impasse Hit Women, Children Hardest, Report Says

“The impact it had on people will likely last for far more than two years, and not just from the past two years but also going into the future,” said Mitch Lifson, one of the report’s co-authors.

Report: Despite Progress, Illinois Can Improve Cancer-Fighting Policies

While Illinois was lauded in a new report for its smoke-free laws and rules on indoor tanning devices, the state is “exceptionally” far behind on comprehensive tobacco-control programs, according to a national cancer advocacy organization.

Chicago Leads Nation in Reducing Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Deaths

(Giuseppe Milo / Flickr)

For black women in Chicago, a breast cancer diagnosis in 2003 meant you were 68 percent more likely to die from the disease than a white woman. A new study shows that gap is closing.

Broccoli, Kale Could Slow Cognitive Decline, Study Finds

Your mother was right to tell you to eat your broccoli. Eating nutrient-rich foods like broccoli, spinach and kale could slow age-related cognitive decline, according to a new study.

Red Cross Facing ‘Critical’ Blood Shortage

American Red Cross collections staff member Cherrelle Simon collects a blood donation from Clint Kraft.  (Amanda Romney / American Red Cross)

“Blood donations are being distributed to hospitals as fast as donations are coming in, which could lead to delays in patient care,” said Laurie Nehring of the American Red Cross. “We are doing everything we can to prevent that from happening.” 

Pest Spotted in the WTTW Garden

We’re not the only ones enjoying the tomatoes. The Organic Gardener Jeanne Nolan shares her advice on how to rid our garden of a cute – yet pesky chipmunk.

Study Links Changes in Kids’ Sleep, Cortisol to Community Violence

“Both sleep and cortisol are connected to the ability to learn and perform academic tasks,” said researcher Jennifer Heissel. “Our study identifies a pathway by which violent crime may get under the skin to affect academic performance.”

‘Chemo Brain,’ Fatigue Reduced by Physical Activity, Study Finds

“The message for cancer patients and survivors is: get active,” said researcher Diane Ehlers. “It’s not a magic cure-all, but we’ve seen many benefits of physical activity for cancer patients and survivors.”

‘To The Bone’ Risks Serving as ‘How-to Manual’ for Anorexia, Says Psychologist

(Gilles Mingasson / Netflix)

With 20 million American women and 10 million men expected to suffer from an eating disorder sometime in their lives, some are concerned the film could serve as a blueprint.

Judge to Rule July 28 on Cook County Soda Tax

A Cook County judge will rule on the controversial penny-per-ounce sugar-sweetened beverage tax next week.

Study Details Possible Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Treatment

With one in 10 women reporting drinking during pregnancy and no cure for the disorder, researchers are hopeful two treatments that reversed memory and learning deficits in rats can do the same in humans.

AG Madigan Issues Guidelines for Responding to Sexual Assault Crimes

Medical professionals learn how to use the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection kit, which has several packets to collect evidence from a suspect and a patient of a sexual assault case. (Sgt. Rebecca Linder / Wikimedia Commons)

Law enforcement agencies have a new set of guidelines for responding to reports of sexual assault and sexual abuse.