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Stories by Lindsay Prossnitz

A Passion for Fish

We meet a suburban man whose passion for fish and fishing knows no bounds. Don Dubin is an expert taxidermist, a world champion fish carver, and he's been named a "legendary angler" in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. Jay Shefsky has the story.

Weekend Events Around Town: 8/17 - 8/19

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American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music

A new exhibit charts the influence of all-star Latino recording artists on American popular music. We get an inside look.


Bicentennial of Battle of Fort Dearborn

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Dearborn. The author of a new book joins us to discuss this battle and the birth of Chicago.


Weekend Events Around Town: 8/10 - 8/12

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Speculation Peaks as Romney’s VP Choice Nears

Speculation is at fevered pitch as Mitt Romney gets closer to announcing his running mate. We break down the possibilities.


West Nile Prevention in Chicago

We find out what the city is doing to fight the spread of mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus.


Emanuel Names New Deputy Mayor

Who would work for $1? Well, that's the salary for Chicago's deputy mayor. The present and future men who hold the position share insights on the city's fiscal outlook.


Curiosity Lands on Mars

NASA scientists go wild after the Mars rover's successful landing on the red planet early today. An Adler Planetarium astronomer tells us what happens next.


Weekend Events Around Town: 8/3 - 8/5

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Tracy Letts

Tony and Pulitzer prize-winning actor and playwright, Tracy Letts, talks about opening a hit Steppenwolf production on Broadway -- and upcoming film adaptations of his plays.


Field Museum Biologist Works to Protect Biodiversity

A new study by a Field Museum biologist shows that despite protections, life inside nature reserves can be affected by the environment surrounding the reserve. Steve Goodman joins us to tell us more, and how this affects Chicago.


Journatic’s Fall from Grace

Some staffers at the Chicago Tribune are concerned over the paper's relationship with Journatic, a content provider accused of messy ethics. We discuss Journatic and the future of hyperlocal journalism.


Weekend Events Around Town: 7/27 - 7/29

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The Debate Over Medically Fragile Children

Illinois' most medically fragile kids are among the many state residents impacted by upcoming budget cuts. But parents are fighting back saying the cuts will actually cost the state more. Eddie Arruza has the story.


"Andrew Bird: Fever Year"

Filmmaker Xan Aranda discusses her new documentary about musician and Chicago native Andrew Bird.


Erwin Helfer

Meet a master of Chicago boogie-woogie blues. Piano man Erwin Helfer pounds the keys and provides a lesson in local music history.


Higher Education

Northwestern University president Morty Schapiro defends his belief that college is “the best investment of your life.”


3rd Annual Concert for Carlos

The memory of beloved political reporter, Carlos Hernandez Gomez, will be honored this weekend at the 3rd Annual Concert for Carlos.

Weekend Events Around Town: 7/20 - 7/22

Need some ideas for what to do this weekend? Chicago Tonight knows what is going on!

Curiosity Speeding Toward Mars

It's one of NASA's most daring undertakings. The Curiosity rover is set to land on Mars on August 6, and the lead scientist of NASA's Mars Exploration Program is here to tell us about the mission, including the so-called "seven minutes of terror."


Major Plan to Reduce Chicago's Traffic Congestion

A new study finds Chicago has severely underinvested in expressways and urges the region to embark on an ambitious long-term road-building plan. The Reason Foundation has proposed a $52 billion plan to decrease congestion in Chicago and increase mobility.

Summer Reading

Three Chicago literary experts join us to discuss their top choices for summer reading.


Business Ethics

A spate of financial scandals has created a crisis of confidence among many investors. We delve into the murky world of business ethics.


Friday the 13th: The "Unlucky" Day

Quite possibly the most widely believed superstition in America, Friday the 13th is seen to be the “unlucky” day in Western superstition.