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Stories by Matt Masterson

Noble Educators Begin Forming Nation’s Largest Charter Teachers Union

Teachers in Chicago's biggest charter network say a union will allow them to better advocate for their students and colleagues. If successful, it will create the largest charter teachers union in the country.

Urban League Research Highlights Ongoing Racial Disparity in Education

A report released this week by the Chicago Urban League shows minority students in the state are still as likely to attend a racially segregated school today as they would have been 60 years ago.

CPS Receives Proposals to Open up to 20 New Charters

Days after Chicago Public Schools' deadline to submit charter school letters of intent, the district announced it had received word from more than a dozen operators looking to open up to 20 new schools across Chicago.

Judge Tosses Former Governor’s Lawsuit Seeking Elected School Board

(Chicago Tonight)

A second judge has tossed a case brought by former Gov. Pat Quinn calling for the Chicago Board of Education to be transformed into an elected body.

CPS Unfreezing $15M in School Funds After Latino Community Outcry

Chicago Public Schools announced Friday it will return $15 million in frozen discretionary funds to high-poverty district schools, citing a “disproportionate impact” that freeze had on predominantly African-American and Hispanic schools.

Madigan Planning New Education Funding Task Force

The longtime speaker announced Thursday he has appointed a dozen House Democrats to address unanswered questions in the Illinois School Funding Reform Commission’s final report and draw up equitable school funding reform legislation.

ASPIRA Charter Teachers Vote to Strike

(A Council of Educators / Twitter)

The ASPIRA teachers union issued a near-unanimous vote Wednesday evening in favor of walking off the job in what would be the nation’s first-ever charter school teachers strike.

Majority of CPS Latino Council Resigns Amid Budget Cuts

(Chicago Tonight)

Nearly all members of a Chicago Public School advisory council turned in resignation letters to the city's Board of Education on Wednesday morning, citing the disproportionate effect of district budget cuts on Latino schools.

ASPIRA Charter Teachers to Call Strike Vote Wednesday

(A Council of Educators / Twitter)

Teachers in the ASPIRA charter network – comprised of three Chicago high schools and one middle school – say they will vote on a strike Wednesday night after months of contract negotiations.

Chicago Urban League, ISBE Reach Tentative Settlement in Yearslong Suit

Days after CPS filed a lawsuit against the state claiming discriminatory school funding, the Illinois State Board of Education announced it has reached a tentative settlement in a similar case after a yearslong legal battle with the Chicago Urban League.

Chicago Students Join in Day Without Immigrants Protest

Classrooms across the city were left half-empty Thursday as students took the day to join in citywide Day Without Immigrants protests.

State Lawmaker Renews Call for Elected Chicago School Board

State Rep. Rob Martwick, D-Chicago (Chicago Tonight)

Calls for an elected Board of Education in Chicago are nothing new, but a pair of current and former politicians are continuing their efforts to end mayoral control over the city's seven-member board.

CPS, Parents Claim Civil Rights Violations in New Suit Against State

CPS CEO Forrest Claypool (Chicago Tonight)

Chicago Public Schools and five local families announced Tuesday they have filed suit against the state of Illinois in an effort to force equitable funding for the cash-strapped school district.

Parents, Teachers Call on CPS to Take Budget Matters Into Its Own Hands

Chicago parents on Monday called for an end to the finger-pointing between Gov. Bruce Rauner and Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool, saying the sides need to find common ground to solve the district's ongoing financial issues.

Rauner Calls Trump Immigration Ban ‘Overly Broad,’ ‘Rash’

| Amanda Vinicky

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday criticized President Trump’s executive order and discussed ongoing issues with Chicago Public Schools and education funding during an interview on WBEZ.

Chicago Schools Using Books to Fight Bullying

(Great Books Foundation)

Nearly a quarter billion children experience bullying each year, according to a new report. But some schools across Chicago are using books and discussion to stem the tide of bullying.

Report: Chicago School-Based Officers Need More Training, Oversight

(Chicago Tonight)

One in 10 school resource officers stationed within Chicago Public Schools have had 10 or more misconduct complaints lodged against them, operating in a system with little oversight and no specialized training, a new study by the Shriver Center states.

DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary on Historic Pence Tiebreaker

(Courtesy of CNN)

Despite a shaky confirmation hearing and significant pushback from the public, Republican donor and school choice advocate Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the new U.S. Secretary of Education.  

CPS Freezing up to $69M in School Spending to Help Fill Budget Gap

(Chicago Tonight)

Chicago Public Schools announced Monday it will implement new cost-saving measures as it works to fill its 2017 budget hole, this time freezing as much as $69 million in school discretionary funds.

CTU Members Take Protest to City Hall on First Furlough Day

(Matt Masterson / Chicago Tonight)

More than 200 union members filled the fifth floor at City Hall, taking seats on the floor to grade papers, plan class assignments and hear “lessons” on school revenue, clinician services and the protection of immigrant students.

CTU Delegates Call on CPS Head Claypool to Step Down

(Chicago Tonight)

Chicago Teachers Union officials issued a vote of no confidence Wednesday night on Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool after claiming he has worked to “dismantle and sabotage” CPS.

Northwestern Study Links School Violence to Unemployment Rate

(Ishmael Daro / Flickr)

Researchers have discovered a “significant correlation” between decreases in economic opportunities and the number of school shootings reported across the country.

DeVos Approved by Senate Committee as Chicago Parents Protest

In a split decision Tuesday morning, the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions voted to approve education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos.

Stevenson Students ‘Leading the Way’ in STEM Program

(Matt Masterson / Chicago Tonight)

About 1,300 high school students completed Project Lead The Way’s college- and career-readiness credentialing program last year. More than 60 of those came from Stevenson High School – the highest total for any individual high school in the country.

CPS Announces February Public Hearings on Revised Budget

(Chicago Tonight)

Board President Frank Clark said Wednesday that CPS has worked out a way to fill a $215 million void left in its 2017 budget. But the district says no final decisions have been made.