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Stories by Paris Schutz

Sanders Supporters Vocal on Day 1 of DNC

A Bernie Sanders supporter protests outside Philadelphia City Hall on the first day of the Democratic National Convention. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

The Illinois delegation is divided among Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, and the latter are divided on whether or not to get behind the party's presumptive nominee. 

Illinois Democrats Urge Dick Durbin to Run for Governor

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Gov. Bruce Rauner's agenda and finding a Democratic challenger to take him on in 2018 were the focus of the opening breakfast of the Illinois delegation on Monday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

DNC: Powerful, Disjointed Illinois Democrats Arrive in Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Dozens of high-level Illinois Democratic officials are arriving Sunday in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. It's a stark contrast to the delegation at the Republican National Convention, where hardly an elected official was to be found. Though the Illinois delegates may be united by party title, they represent a cross section of differing philosophies that in some cases are bitterly at odds with each other.

Former IL Trump Campaign Manager on GOP Nominee

While some may find Donald Trump’s style brash, Kent Gray says people like him because “he’s an authentic truth teller.”

Rudy Giuliani: Chicago a ‘Shooting Gallery’

Rudy Giuliani (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Republican former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday didn't hold back his criticism of Chicago's ballooning murder rate and the handling of it by his counterpart, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Can Trump Speech Heal Republican Divisions?

Delegates cheer during Donald Trump's speech at the RNC. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

The Republican National Convention has had its share of snafus and circus-like moments in its first three days. Representatives from the Illinois delegation say they hope Thursday is the night that changes all that.

Illinois Delegate Thrown Out of RNC for Racist Post

An Illinois delegate for Donald Trump had her credentials revoked after Illinois Republican officials determined she was behind a racist Facebook post.

Illinois Delegates Erupt in Anger Over Cruz Speech

Ted Cruz speaks at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, July 20.

First there was warm applause, then restlessness, then all-out anger and rage. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz began his speech Wednesday by congratulating Donald Trump, but he did not mention the GOP presidential nominee's name again.

A Look Ahead at the Illinois Delegation’s Final Day at Convention

 (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Thursday is the final day of the Republican National Convention. Find out what’s in store for the state’s delegation.  

Downers Grove Teen is Illinois’ Youngest Delegate

Carl Miller, 17, is the youngest delegate from Illinois at the 2016 Republican National Convention. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

An interest in politics was a way for 17-year-old Carl Miller and his grandfather, Arthur Siml, to bond. Then it grew into an obsession. Now it has taken them all the way to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention.

Congressman: Trump Probably Won't Build Actual Wall

California U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

It is one of the cornerstones of Donald Trump’s campaign platform, but a high-ranking Republican congressman on Wednesday told the Illinois delegation that Trump's promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border amounts to little more than a metaphor.

Illinois Delegation Faces Full Schedule on Wednesday

After a packed night two at the convention that featured keynote speeches from Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the Illinois delegation will be at it again bright and early on Wednesday morning.

Illinois Delegates Cast Nominating Votes for Trump

It’s official: Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. Illinois delegates officially cast their ballots for Trump on Tuesday.

Jim Durkin: Trump Could Help Illinois Budget Impasse

Illinois House Minority Leader Jim Durkin (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Republican Illinois House Minority Leader Jim Durkin says he is not in Cleveland to attend the Republican National Convention. Instead, he's here to raise money–gobs of it–with the goal of pouring it into contested House races and chipping away at House Speaker Michael Madigan's Democratic supermajority.

Illinois GOP Congressmen Try to Toe the Line on Trump

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Evan Garcia)

If Illinois' Republican congressmen have anything in common, it's that they do not support Hillary Clinton. But when asked who they are going to support instead, there seem to be as many answers as there are seats in Congress.

Trump Campaign Feels Heat Over Melania Trump Speech

Melania Trump delivers a speech Monday at the Republican National Convention. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

The controversy over would-be first lady Melania Trump's keynote speech on Monday night at the Republican National Convention was a hot topic at breakfast on Tuesday for the Illinois delegation.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Offers Different Republican Vision to Illinois GOP

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (Evan Garcia)

After declaring they were in lockstep with Donald Trump, the Illinois Republican delegation spent Monday afternoon and evening with a high-profile Republican who has vowed not to support him.

IL GOP Chair: Illinois in ‘Lockstep’ with Trump

Tim Schneider (Evan Garcia)

Chairman Tim Schneider riled up the crowd of Illinois delegates at a breakfast Monday morning in Cleveland, vowing that Illinois would work to elect Donald Trump in November.

Republican National Convention Gets Underway Amid Fallout from Baton Rouge

Anti-Hillary Clinton protester Bob Kunst, 74, from Miami Beach, Florida, demonstrates outside of the Quicken Loans Arena. (Evan Garcia)

A motley group of Illinois Republicans, including Trump delegates, members of the "Never Trump" movement and elected officeholders who have tried to distance themselves from the Republican nominee are arriving Sunday in Cleveland on the eve of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

IL GOP Hopes for Unity Despite Absences at Republican Convention

| Paul Caine

With one of the most divisive presidential primaries in recent memory at an end, Illinois Republican officials are hoping the party comes together next week in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention.

Trump Delegates Sound Off on Republican Convention

(Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Two supporters of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump weigh in on next week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, where delegates that the candidate has amassed will formally cast a vote for their nominee.

Public Testifies on Police Misconduct Before US Justice Department

Chicago residents sound off about the Chicago Police Department as part of the U.S. Department of Justice probe. A live report from the community forum.

Public Weighs in on IPRA Replacement

The mayor and aldermen have made it clear they are going to abolish the Independent Police Review Authority. But what will it be replaced with? 

Legislators Approve Stopgap Budget

For the first time in a year, there is a state budget, albeit a temporary one. There is also relief for Chicago Public Schools, but with some caveats. Springfield reporter Amanda Vinicky joins us with the latest.

Rauner, Madigan, Cullerton Spar on CPS Funding

Senate President John Cullerton speaks to reporters on Tuesday.

The governor and legislative leaders meet on the eve of Wednesday's special session. Was anything resolved on a budget and how much money Chicago Public Schools will receive?