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Stories by Paris Schutz

City Council Votes to Raise Water Tax

The debate over water and sewer taxes is over in Chicago: they are going to go up. But what do aldermen want to do about driverless cars in Chicago? The latest from Wednesday's meeting.

Are Political Power Brokers Influencing Chief Judge Election?

Tim Evans, Chief Judge of Cook County Circuit Court

A quiet election is about to take place that could have major reverberations. Why two judges are trying to knock Circuit Court of Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans out of his job.

Political Analyst Paul Green Remembered

Paul Green, right, and Mayor Richard M. Daley (City Club of Chicago)

Some of Paul Green's closest colleagues are dealing with the shock of his sudden death Saturday of complications from an aortic aneurysm.

Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Tours Austin

Dr. Jill Stein came back to Chicago on Thursday to tour the West Side neighborhood of Austin and highlight issues central to her platform: gun control, unemployment, climate change and education reform.

Water Tax Hike Alone Won’t Fix Pension Fund

Aldermen are set to vote to raise water taxes by 30 percent to fix city pensions. But new analysis shows it won't be nearly enough, and that has some council members saying they were duped by the mayor.

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson Asks for Help on Violence

After another violent holiday weekend, Superintendent Eddie Johnson issues a call for help to community members and African-American lawmakers. What is he asking for, and will it help reverse this year's spike in violence?

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson on Record Violence

August marks Chicago's deadliest month for gun violence in 20 years. What Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has to say about rising crime, and whether others agree.

Independent Maps Group Throws Hail Mary

The effort to take on powerful interests like House Speaker Michael Madigan and end partisan legislative map drawing may yet have life. Find out what the Independent Maps group plans to do.

IPRA to be Replaced With New Agency COPA

Just who will police the police? New details emerge on a proposal to replace the embattled Independent Police Review Authority with a new agency.

Effort to End Gerrymandering in Illinois Officially Dead

The Illinois Supreme Court late Thursday evening ruled that the question of map drawing cannot appear before voters on the November ballot. The process will remain in the hands of state power brokers like House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Law Aims to Reduce Campus Sexual Assault, Better Protect Victims

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan speaks about campus sexual assault.

As the fall semester begins, a new law goes on the books in Illinois to deal with sexual assault on campus. Just how does it make colleges safer?

Voters to Decide on Downsizing Cook County Government

This fall, voters will get to decide whether or not to eliminate an entire branch of Cook County government that some say could save $1 million per year. Why other county officials are urging voters to keep it around.

Top Cop Moves to Fire 7 Officers Involved in Laquan McDonald Case

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson moves to fire seven police officers who, according to a report, were complicit in covering up the police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

Pressure Mounts on CPD to Release Scathing Laquan McDonald Report

Eddie Johnson, Chicago's top cop.

Did the Chicago Police Department knowingly cover up the shooting of Laquan McDonald, and if so, how many officers, lieutenants and detectives will be fired?

State Sen. Matt Murphy Explains Resignation

A high-profile Republican state lawmaker and top ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner speaks out on why he abruptly decided to resign.

IPRA Workers Fight to Keep the Agency Intact

“IPRA employees are capable and educated people,” said IPRA investigator Lakenya White. “We go beyond scope to find evidence, to find witnesses.”

Investigators at the Independent Police Review Authority and the union that represents them are pushing back against the mayor's call to scrap and replace the agency.

Mayor Proposes More Tax Hikes to Fix City Pensions

After the big property tax hit, another new tax may be on the way for weary Chicagoans. Find out how much it might cost and why the mayor says it's necessary.

Mayor Emanuel Makes 1st Appearance Before Illinois Delegation at DNC

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the Democratic National Convention on July 28, 2016. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Largely absent from proceedings at the Democratic National Convention so far, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday appeared before the Illinois delegation at a breakfast event on the convention’s final day.

Dick Durbin to Decide on Gubernatorial Bid in November

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Once again, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin gave an impassioned speech Thursday morning before the Illinois delegation at the Democratic National Convention, sounding more like a candidate for governor than ever.

Obama Library to be Built in Jackson Park

Japanese garden in Jackson Park (Steven Kevil / Creative Commons)

Jackson Park beat out Washington Park as the site for the future Obama Presidential Center. Reaction from Illinois delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

Labor Unions Flex Muscle with Illinois Democrats at DNC

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

The year-and-a-half fight that Democrats have waged against Gov. Bruce Rauner’s “turnaround” agenda has coalesced nearly all of Illinois’ labor movement behind the Democratic Party, and nowhere is that more evident than in Philadelphia this week.

Talk of Chris Kennedy for Illinois Governor Heats Up on Day 2 of DNC

Chris Kennedy (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Once again, the buzz among the Illinois Democratic delegation at breakfast Tuesday was the 2018 race for governor–and finding a challenger to take on Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Sanders Supporters Vocal on Day 1 of DNC

A Bernie Sanders supporter protests outside Philadelphia City Hall on the first day of the Democratic National Convention. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

The Illinois delegation is divided among Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, and the latter are divided on whether or not to get behind the party's presumptive nominee. 

Illinois Democrats Urge Dick Durbin to Run for Governor

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Gov. Bruce Rauner's agenda and finding a Democratic challenger to take him on in 2018 were the focus of the opening breakfast of the Illinois delegation on Monday at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

DNC: Powerful, Disjointed Illinois Democrats Arrive in Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Dozens of high-level Illinois Democratic officials are arriving Sunday in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. It's a stark contrast to the delegation at the Republican National Convention, where hardly an elected official was to be found. Though the Illinois delegates may be united by party title, they represent a cross section of differing philosophies that in some cases are bitterly at odds with each other.