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Stories by Paris Schutz

TSA to Address Long Lines at O’Hare, Midway

Public officials are blasting the Transportation Security Administration as security lines at Chicago's airports – and airports around the country – have swelled to two- and three-hour wait times. What accounts for the spike, and what happens as the summer travel season approaches?

Mayor Emanuel Decides to Scrap IPRA

Many stakeholders on Monday are saying “the devil’s in the details” before they hail the latest decision by the mayor as a game changer.

Higher Taxes, Big Cuts in Illinois Budget Proposal

The Illinois General Assembly passes funding for social service providers and shares details on what a potential budget agreement would include. We have the latest from Springfield.

Aldermen Propose Taxi Medallion Buyback

(Olivier Aumage / Wikimedia Commons)

A new proposal emerges to help taxicab companies compete with ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft. Why it could cost the city millions, and why one aldermen believes it's worth it.

War Rages Over Wrigley Plaza Plans to Extend Alcohol Sales

There’s more tension between the Chicago Cubs and the Lakeview neighborhood. The latest battle centers on whether the plaza just to the west of the stadium should become, as one alderman characterizes it, the world’s largest beer garden.

Independent Map Group Files Constitutional Amendment for November Ballot

An Illinois constitutional amendment that would create an independent commission to redraw legislative districts every 10 years is one step closer to November’s election ballot. The group Independent Maps delivered petitions with 570,000 signatures to the state capitol in Springfield on Friday. 

Anita Alvarez Calls for Special Prosecutor in Laquan McDonald Case

In a surprise move, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says she wants off the Jason Van Dyke case involving the killing of Laquan McDonald. 

Grand Budget Bargain Progress in Springfield

We have the latest on action from Springfield, including whether or not a secret budget working group has a grand bargain in the works to finally break the budget stalemate.

Deadline Looms to Change Income Tax Law, Legislative Mapping Process

Will Illinois move to a graduated income tax from a flat tax, and will it end the practice of gerrymandering legislative maps? Tuesday marks the deadline in the Illinois General Assembly to pass laws to change these practices.

NFL Draft 2016 Kicks Off in Grant Park

Legions of football fans descend on Chicago for the second year in a row. Is the massive event worth the headache – and will it be back next year?

Dennis Hastert Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison, Admits to Sexual Abuse

Courtroom sketch by Thomas Gianni shows Judge Thomas Durkin pronouncing the sentence upon Dennis Hastert.

Dennis Hastert has gone from being the longest-serving Republican U.S. House Speaker to the highest-ranking federal public official to go to jail. He was sentenced Wednesday to 15 months in prison and to two years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $250,000.

Dennis Hastert Faces Sentencing, Accusers on Wednesday

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert will face some of his alleged sexual assault victims during sentencing Wednesday in federal court. We preview the proceedings.

Governor Rauner Signs Legislation to Fund Higher Education

Gov. Bruce Rauner approves emergency funding for higher education in Illinois. But is it enough to keep Chicago State University and others afloat? 

Progressive State Income Tax Proposed in Springfield

A bill that's advancing in Springfield would move Illinois from a flat income tax of 3.75 percent to a graduated system, where higher earners pay higher rates. Does the bill stand a chance of becoming law?

Chicago Teachers Union Rejects Fact-Finding Report, Talks Strike

Karen Lewis

The Chicago Teachers Union explains why it's counting down the clock to another strike. But will the strike happen at the end of this school year or the beginning of next?

Mayor Emanuel, Aldermen React to Police Task Force Report

The Police Accountability Task Force released its report Wednesday on the Chicago Police Department, saying the CPD is broken and has a “history of racial disparity and discrimination.” Will the City Council move to abolish IPRA?

Eddie Johnson Fast-Tracked for Permanent CPD Superintendent

Eddie Johnson appears before City Council on Tuesday.

A City Council committee on Tuesday gave a thumbs-up to an ordinance that will temporarily suspend the legally required process for selecting a police superintendent, and make the mayor's pick permanent.

Aldermen Approve $6.5 Million in Police Misconduct Payouts

Aldermen on Tuesday are widely expected to approve a one-time change to city law to name Eddie Johnson the permanent Chicago Police Department superintendent. The move comes on the heels of a committee vote Monday to approve another $6.5 million in payouts to victims of police misconduct.

Aldermen Sound Off on Next Top Cop, Calls to Abolish IPRA

Could reports of an exam-cheating probe related to Eddie Johnson's fiancée derail his confirmation as top cop? Should IPRA be abolished? A panel of aldermen tackle these questions and more.

New Cook County Hospital Redevelopment Plans

Ambitious plans to redevelop the vacant old Cook County Hospital building. Why County Board President Toni Preckwinkle thinks it might actually happen this time.

Chicago Police Department Under Scrutiny Amid Cheating Probe

More scrutiny on the Chicago Police Department. On Tuesday, a City Council member called for the abolishment of the Independent Police Review Authority, and a new report cites allegations that the fiancée of new police superintendent Eddie Johnson is part of a probe into cheating on a lieutenant’s exam.

Wrigley Field Construction Continues Ahead of Cubs' Home Opener

Crews are working around the clock to prepare Wrigley Field for next Monday's home opener. What will be ready to go, and what will continue to be under construction through the season?

Preparing for CTU’s Day of Action

The Chicago Teachers Union is preparing for a "day of action" on Friday with rallies and protests to take place from early morning through the evening. What are the alternatives for parents who need to drop their kids at school, what is the strike about, and is it even legal? 

Chicago State University Faces Closure Over Budget Impasse

It has already cut its school year short and is now warning of hundreds of layoffs. Chicago State University's chancellor says the school is in shock because the state budget stalemate has starved it of funding. But is the 150-year-old school in danger of closing? 

CPD Insider Eddie Johnson Selected as New Interim Superintendent

Eddie Johnson

In a surprise end-run, Mayor Emanuel shuns the recommendations of his police board and makes it known he wants Eddie Johnson to be police superintendent.