Stories by Paris Schutz

Springfield Fall Veto Session Kicks Off

Lawmakers head back to Springfield for their fall veto session. But will anything happen on the hot button issues of minimum wage, education funding, and Uber ridesharing before Governor-elect Bruce Rauner takes over?

Funeral Held for Mayor Byrne

Dignitaries and politicians packed the church service for the funeral of former Mayor Jane Byrne.

City Council Debates CPS’ Bond Deals

A debate rages in City Council over whether or not Chicago Public Schools can recover millions lost in toxic bond deals, in light of the Chicago Tribune's investigation. Paris Schutz has the details.

Quinn Concedes, Rauner Elected Governor

The most expensive gubernatorial race in Illinois history is now officially in the books. Gov. Pat Quinn conceded the race that was called late last night for Republican Bruce Rauner. Both the governor and governor-elect have announced transition plans, as multiple probes are opening into the controversy that caused several election judges in Chicago to not show up to their polling places.

Same Day Voter Registration

For the first time, Illinois voters can register and vote on the same day. Chicago Tonight takes a look behind the new law that allows Illinois voters to register to vote on Election Day.

Could Prominent Latino Get in Race For Mayor?

Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is mulling whether or not to take on Rahm Emanuel and run for mayor, according to sources within the Democratic party, and within Chicago’s Latino and progressive communities.

Is Alderman Playing by the Rules?

A top Emanuel ally and chairman of the powerful Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics on City Council is in hot water with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office. 

Hines Veterans Affairs Scandal

Chicago Tonight takes an exclusive look inside the embattled Hines VA Hospital.

Blase Cupich Introduced as New Archbishop

Saying that he was "well-prepared" for the responsibilities of leading a church of 2.2 million people, Cardinal Francis George introduced his successor, Blase Cupich.

Aldermen Propose Ferguson Police City Council

Is Chicago finally ready for reform? An ordinance to put aldermen under the watch of Inspector General Joe Ferguson gets introduced today.

O’Hare Airport Home to Goats, Llamas, More

Millions of passengers travel through O'Hare every year, but dozens of burros, goats, and llamas call the airport home. Why? Paris Schutz explains.

City Honors Jackie Robinson West

Parade, Rallies Celebrate Team’s Journey

The city celebrates the U.S. Little League champs Jackie Robinson West All-Stars. Paris Schutz has the complete recap of the day's festivities.

Aldermanic Oversight

Bill Would Give Oversight of City Council to Inspector General Joe Ferguson

The City Council’s watchdog says he will run out of money to investigate aldermen within the next two weeks. Paris Schutz has the latest in the ongoing heated debate over who polices aldermen.

Influential Alderman Defends Weakening IG Oversight

Pat O’Connor

40th Ward Alderman Pat O’Connor, the mayor’s City Council floor leader, lashed out today at claims that he passed a bill trying to weaken the city council watchdog’s power to police campaign finance. And he says the timing of the bill, first reported by Chicago Tonight, is not connected to a recently opened probe into possible campaign finance violations O’Connor may have committed. 

Aldermen Grill McCarthy on Crime Stats

Police Superintendent Critical of Media for How it Reports Crime

McCarthy testifies in front of City Council Committee

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says that he believes there is no indication that the department is ‘faking crime stats’ in an effort to artificially give off the perception that crime is lower than it is.

Higher Rates for Municipal Aggregation Program

Hundreds of thousands of city residents have chosen to get their electricity through the municipal aggregation program. But now many of those might want to opt out because of higher rates. Paris Schutz has more.

IL Supreme Court Ruling An Ominous Sign for Pension Reform

Illinois leaders are reacting today to a state Supreme Court ruling that could spell doom for state and city pension fixes. In a 6-1 decision, the court in a separate case deemed cuts to public retiree health benefits unconstitutional. 

Quinn Signs Bill Relaxing Voting Restrictions

The governor signs a bill relaxing voter restrictions, but Republicans say it's a backhanded ploy to elect more Democrats. Paris Schutz has the very latest.

Vertical Farming’s Rise in Chicago

Is the farm of the future indoors and multiple stories high? Paris Schutz takes us inside some of the area’s vertical farms to showcase the newest food growing technology, and shows us an indoor farm in a building millions of people travel through every day.

Fair Maps Voter Amendment Faces Roadblocks

Should an independent commission – instead of political power brokers – decide how to redraw state legislative maps every year? That is the question a grassroots organization is attempting to put before voters on the November ballot. But their effort may be in peril due to some major roadblocks.

Chicago Pension Law Exposes Rift in Public Unions

The public employees union AFSCME says it will sue to stop Chicago’s recently signed pension reform law. But not all unions agree with that stance. Paris Schutz has more on what’s behind the rift, and on how the city plans to pay for the new law.

Chicago Pension Reform

Quinn Signs Chicago Pension Law; Property Taxe Hike Off-table

After a long wait, the Governor today finally signed the bill into law that reforms two of the city's underfunded pension systems. The governor urged City Council to avoid using property tax hikes to fund the new law, and the mayor responded by taking property tax hikes off the table in the first year of the new law.

Mayor Emanuel: City's Top Watchdog to Stay

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he’s struck an accord with the City’s Inspector General, Joe Ferguson. Today's comments from the mayor indicate Ferguson has agreed to serve at least the remaining three-plus years of his tenure.

Cardinal George Gives Video Deposition

Cardinal Francis George is questioned under oath today in a civil case involving defrocked priest and convicted sex offender Daniel McCormack. 

Cardinal George to be Deposed in McCormack Case

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George is set to give a deposition tomorrow in a group of lawsuits involving the former priest and convicted sex offender Daniel McCormack.