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Stories by Paul Caine

Brain Awareness Week

| Linda Qiu

It's Brain Awareness Week -- a global campaign designed to highlight the importance of brain research. University of Chicago neuroscientist Peggy Mason is here to enlighten us all. Take a Brain Quiz!

The Destruction of Antiquities in Iraq

| Kristen Thometz

As ISIS uses bulldozers and sledgehammers to destroy priceless antiquities in Iraq, we talk with an expert from The Oriental Institute at The University of Chicago about what is being lost.

The International Race to Build a Breakthrough Battery

Author Steve Levine had fly-on-the-wall access for two years to "the battery guys" at Argonne National Laboratory -- America's team in an international competition to build a battery that will change the world. Levine joins us to talk about his new book, The Powerhouse.

Mayoral Candidate Jesús "Chuy" García on the Runoff Election

Mayoral candidate Jesús "Chuy" García's strong showing has forced an unprecedented runoff election against incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Is Islamophobia on the Rise?

After the shocking murder of three Muslim Americans in North Carolina, we examine whether Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise. In a post-9/11 world, is it inevitable that some people will always view Muslim Americans with suspicion? And what role has mainstream media and movies such as American Sniper and Zero Dark Thirty played in demonizing all Arabs and stirring anti-Muslim sentiment? We have analysis.

Gov. Rauner's Budget Cuts

| Travis Cornejo

Gov. Rauner's budget cuts funding to Medicaid and public transportation, and recommends changes to public worker pension plans. We take a look at what would be the likely impact on services and public worker pensions should Gov. Rauner's proposed budget become law. 

Scientific Chicago with Neil Shubin

Dogs, Mini-Mammals, Crowd-Sourcing & the Planet's Inner Core

What can ancient dogs tell us about early human migration to the Americas? And how are scientists using earthquakes to scan our planet's inner core? University of Chicago paleontologist Neil Shubin joins us with a roundup of local science news.

Jackie Robinson West Lawyer

After the shocking decision to strip the Jackie Robinson West Little League team of its national championship for allegedly recruiting players outside the league's boundaries, we talk with the team's attorney Victor Henderson about his efforts to get the decision overturned.

Battle Against ISIS

| Travis Cornejo

As President Obama requests a war authorization from Congress, we examine whether the battle against ISIS has reached a tipping point. And, in the Ukraine, will a fragile new ceasefire pave the way for a comprehensive settlement of that crisis? We have analysis.

Water: Chicago in the 21st Century and Beyond

As water is increasingly recognised as a precious resource, we look at Chicago's water future.

Analyzing Rauner’s Executive Order Aimed at Unions

| Kristen Thometz

The governor issued an executive order absolving state workers who don't want to be union members from paying so-called "fair share" fees. Is this the first step toward Illinois becoming a so-called "right-to-work state?"

Brian Williams and the Fog of War

| Kristen Thometz

Our panel discusses Brian Williams and the fog of war. Can the NBC Nightly News anchor survive revelations that he "misremembered" being on a helicopter hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq?

The Art of Aging Well

It's said that with age comes wisdom, but unfortunately that wisdom is accompanied by a long list of possible age-related health issues. Local experts weigh in on how to maintain your health into your senior years.

Archbishop Blase Cupich

| Kristen Thometz

Archbishop Blase Cupich talks about his surprise appointment by Pope Francis, how he intends to reverse the decline in Catholics attending mass, and what the church is doing to rebuild trust broken by priest sexual abuse scandals.

Controversial Buyout for President of College of DuPage

| Kristen Thometz

A controversial and expensive buyout for the president of the College of DuPage has enraged critics who say the $763,000 severance agreement lacks transparency and damages the publicly funded community college's reputation. We hear from the one board member who voted against the deal. 

Chicago Poet J. Ivy

Chicago poet J. Ivy talks about his new book Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain, what it's like to collaborate with the likes of Kanye West, John Legend and Jay Z, and why he feels compelled to write.

Remembering Ernie Banks

| Kristen Thometz

Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks died Friday, Jan. 23. The two-time National League MVP was 83. We take a look back at his career and his impact on baseball. 

Examining Chicago’s Economic Recovery

Study Says Chicago Area’s Recovery Falls Behind Other Metro Areas

| Kristen Thometz

A Brookings Institution report ranks Chicago 203rd out of 300 metropolitan areas around the world in bouncing back from recession. Just how concerned should we be? Our panel of experts weighs in.

Update on Medical Marijuana Program

| Kristen Thometz

Illinois Rep. Lou Lang talks about the status of the state’s medical marijuana program, casino gambling, and his recent meeting with new Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Scientific Chicago with Neil Shubin

Ocean Extinction, Conception Sparks, Brain Generosity & Epilepsy

Our science guy, Neil Shubin, talks about the latest science stories, including a study on the health of the world's oceans, why sparks really do fly at the moment of conception, and a new study finding that generosity can be "written" in the brain.

From Undocumented Child to Federal Judge

From an undocumented child to a federal judge, Manuel Barbosa joins us to discuss his own incredible migrant story he recounts in his autobiographical new book, The Littlest Wetback.

“Big Bang Machine”

A NOVA special called Big Bang Machine about the Large Hadron Collider airs at 9:00 pm Wednesday on WTTW11. Don Lincoln, one of the top scientists from the documentary, joins us to discuss the role of Fermilab -- located just outside of Chicago -- in the experiments at CERN in Switzerland.

Ironing Out Medical Marijuana Details

| Kristen Thometz

As Illinois prepares for implementation of legal medical marijuana, we take a look at some of the challenges and regulatory hurdles these businesses face.

Investing for 2015

After a sixth straight year of gains for U.S. stocks, we take a look at the prospects for 2015. How will low oil prices and a likely rate hike by the Federal Reserve impact the investing environment?

Chicago Tonight’s Year in Review

| Travis Cornejo

From the election of a new governor to the installation of a new archbishop to Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk and many other stories besides, our roundtable of Chicago Tonight correspondents looks back at the biggest Chicago stories of 2014.