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Stories by Yasmin Rammohan

CPS Parents and Teachers React to Strike

Chicago Tonight spoke with parents and teachers of Chicago Public Schools students to get their reaction to the strike. Read what they had to say.

Remembering Von Freeman

Legendary Chicago musician Von Freeman died last weekend at age 88. We revisit our 2003 conversation with the acclaimed sax player.


"The Black Chicago Renaissance"

You may have heard of the Harlem Renaissance, but now there's a growing awareness of the Black Chicago Renaissance. We piece together some fascinating lost history.


Prison SMART

Yoga Comes to Cook County Jail

Yoga and meditation come to Cook County Jail's Boot Camp. We take another look.


Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 8/10

Eddie Arruza and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.


Water Reclamation Pension Deal

One pension system in Illinois has been reformed-- it's the one at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. Could the plan be a blueprint for the other state pensions in trouble?


House Vote on HB 4513

See how the Illinois House voted on the Metropolitan Reclamation Water District's pension amendments in our interactive graphic.

Cook County Bald Eaglet Learns to Fly

This spring, a nest of bald eaglets hatched in Cook County -- the first in over a century. Now, at least one of those young eagles has gone through the difficult process of fledging, or learning how to fly. 

Profile of Sikhism

It is a case of domestic terrorism. Why were Sikhs in Wisconsin targeted yesterday? And just who are the people who practice Sikhism? We learn more.


Going Solo

We revisit a conversation with the author of a new book about the increasing popularity of going solo.


Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 7/27

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.


Mark Shriver

What's the definition of a "good man?" We revisit a conversation with Mark Shriver about his father Sargent Shriver, a Kennedy family icon who founded the Peace Corps and ran for President.


Preserving Historic Prentice Hospital

Leading architects from Chicago and around the world are calling on the city to preserve the historic Prentice Women's Hospital. We have the latest.

Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 7/20

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.


"American Tapestry"

We take a look at Michelle Obama's multicultural ancestors with the journalist and author who uncovered the First Lady's family history.


Schools, Teachers Weigh In On Fact Finder's Report

The School Board and the union rejected a report that was originally meant to strike a compromise between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union. Now, a 30-day countdown begins to a possible teacher's strike. We talk with Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard and a union rep about the messy path forward.

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Emanuel on CTA Improvements & Schools Report

A big investment in CTA maintenance facilities with the promise of new jobs and faster bus repair. We hear how much it will cost and where the city is getting the money.


"A Condition of Doubt"

What is hypochondria? And how should doctors treat people who suffer from excessive worrying about their health? The author of a book exploring this topic joins us.


Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 7/13

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.



What can be learned about eating disorders, anxiety and STDs -- from animals? The authors of a new book share the surprising parallels between humans and other species.


Sharmila Tagore

Acclaimed Indian film actress Sharmila Tagore joins us to talk about the Eye on India festival, which showcases Indian art, culture and 100 years of Indian cinema.


The Week in Review: Weather Special

Joel Weisman and his panel of local weather experts discuss Chicago's 2012 weather trends.


"One Shot At Forever"

How did a small town Illinois baseball team beat the odds and make it to the state finals? A Sports Illustrated writer brings us the amazing story.


"Uncle Al Capone"

For decades, Chicago city leaders have been trying to forget Al Capone, but a new book keeps his memory very much alive. We talk with the niece of the infamous gangster about her book, "Uncle Al Capone."


Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 6/29

Joel Weisman

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.