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Stories by Yasmin Rammohan

Volatility of Markets

Up one day, down the next. Way down. We discuss the latest plunge on Wall Street with Morningstar’s Paul Larson, and look ahead to tomorrow.


Local Congressmen on Economy

Has hyper-partisanship in Washington made "compromise" a dirty word? We talk with two local congressmen about this, and the implications of the newly named debt "super committee."


Daley & Burge

A federal judge rules that former mayor Richard M. Daley can be deposed in a civil case alleging a citywide conspiracy to cover up police torture under Jon Burge. Carol Marin broke the story and has the details.


Consumer Tips from 'The Fixer'

Stephanie Zimmerman, Image Credit: Chicago Sun-Times

We've all had good and bad experiences calling customer service. But what is life like for the person answering the phone? Chicago Sun-Times' "The Fixer" columnist Stephanie Zimmermann has a report from inside those call centers. 


News Analysis: Reporters in Locker Rooms

An incident involving a TV reporter from Mexico has reignited the debate over female sports reporters in men's locker rooms. Carol Marin talks to a panel of some of Chicago's women reporters about what they encounter in the locker room -- and what they think needs to change.