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Stories by Yasmin Rammohan

Chicago Business News: 3/28

Kris Kridel

Attendance is down, but the value of Chicago's baseball teams is going up. Kris Kridel of WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9FM has that story, and more top business headlines.


Windy City Rollers

A rough and tumble game from the 1970s is seeing a resurgence. Women's roller derby is back, and this time it's a serious sport. We introduce you to Chicago's Windy City Rollers.


Suicide Crisis in Lake Forest

Lake Forest High School

In suburban Lake Forest, questions surround the deaths of three teenagers -- all of them apparent suicides. Elizabeth Brackett and her panel have more on the startling number of recent suicides.


Going Solo

More and more people are choosing to live alone. The author of a new book that tries to answer why is here to talk about the increasing popularity of going solo.


Ask Alpana: 3/27

Alpana Singh

Master Sommelier and Check Please! host Alpana Singh is here to answer your questions about wine, beer and spirits.


Health Care Reform

United States Supreme Court

The health care law is put to the test at the U.S. Supreme Court. We get a preview of what's at stake.


Emanuel & McCarthy Claim Progress in Fighting Gang Violence

Homicides are up in Chicago this year, but the Mayor and Police Superintendent claim they are making progress in combating gang violence. Paris Schutz has the story.


ChicagoSide Sports

Jonathan Eig

Springtime is here, and that means it's baseball season! A new website for Chicago sports launches next week and one of the founders joins us with the details.


Ask Geoffrey: 3/26

What's hiding in the fenced-off area of Belmont Harbor? Geoffrey Baer discovers a delightful retreat in this week's edition of Ask Geoffrey.


Viewer Mail: 3/26

Chicago Violence & NATO

How do you think the Chicago Police Department is handling the recent surge in gun violence? Will they be ready for possible NATO summit protests in May? We have some of your thoughts in tonight's Viewer Mail.


Chicago Tonight: The Week in Review: 3/23

Joel Weisman

Joel Weisman and his panel of journalists discuss the week's top headlines.



Economic Impact on Chicago

Leaders from around the world will gather in Chicago for the May NATO Summit. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is touting the meeting as an “opportunity of economic exposure and economic energy.”

Lori Healey

Lori Healey

Lori Healey is the executive director of the Chicago NATO host committee. 

Hillard Heintze

Security management firm Hillard Heintze is being used by the city as a liaison between the business community and police.

Allen Sanderson

Allen Sanderson

Economist Allen Sanderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago.

Jerry Roper

Jerry Roper

Jerry Roper is President of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.

Sheila O'Grady

Sheila O'Grady

Sheila O’Grady is the head of The Illinois Restaurant Association. More than 50 Chicago-area restaurants will present special tasting menus during the NATO summit, in part to show off the city's culinary scene to world leaders.

World Business Chicago

World Business Chicago is an organization comprised of Mayor Emanuel’s hand-picked group of top business executives, and is funded in part with taxpayer money.

John Bryan & Anne Olaimey

John Bryan

Anne Olaimey, longtime fundraiser for Mayor Emanuel, and John Bryan, former Sarah Lee CEO, were handpicked by Mayor Emanuel to head the fundraising committee.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says hosting the NATO summit will burnish Chicago’s image, and that a combination of federal dollars and money from private sources will be used to cover costs.

The Dangers of Growing Up Black

Trayvon Martin

In the wake of the Trayvon Martin killing by a neighborhood crime watch volunteer in Florida, we examine the "talk" African-American parents give to their kids to keep them safe.


Chicago Business News: 3/22

Kris Kridel

Oakbrook-based McDonald's gets a new CEO. Kris Kridel of WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9FM has that story, and more top business headlines.


Future of Chicago Housing Authority

Natalie Moore

Find out how the Chicago Housing Authority is recalibrating its plan for transformation from the organization’s CEO. Natalie Moore from WBEZ has the story.


Architect Michael Graves

Architect Michael Graves changed American cities in the 1980s and designed thousands of products for Target. Then, a mysterious illness paralyzed him and gave his career new purpose. We preview Geoffrey Baer's new Graves documentary.



Viewer Mail: 3/22

"Our Black Year"

Is it reverse discrimination when a black family buys from black businesses only? We have some of the more "measured" responses from our discussion board in tonight's Viewer Mail.