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View of inundated areas in New Orleans following breaking of the levees surrounding the city as the result of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans. Photo was taken Sept. 11, 2005. (Lt. Cmdr. Mark Moran, NOAA Corps, NMAO/AOC)

Meet two storm survivors who moved to Chicago after the destructive storm ripped through the New Orleans area.


Last night, the Chicago area was pummeled with torrential rains and strong winds as severe storms swept through the area. The powerful storms brought down trees and power lines in some areas.

“There’s been too much rain,” Jeanne Nolan said. “In gardens without drainage, we see people losing tomatoes and other plants because all of the water is compacting the soil. It’s challenging right now because there is too much rain.”


How much damage was done in Sunday's storm and will there be federal emergency relief? Paris Schutz has the latest. Upload your severe weather photos.

Cleanup Underway After Hail Storm

Image Credit: Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance.

More than two months after a devastating hail storm took out its glass roof, Paris Schutz has the story on how Garfield Park Conservatory plans to put it all back together before winter arrives.