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Dancers Maeghan McHale and Devin Buchanan in Brock Clawson’s “Give and Take” (2009). (Photo by Reveuse Photography)

The work of two of Chicago’s most enduring but dramatically different contemporary dance companies – Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Giordano Dance Chicago – was on elaborate display this past weekend. 

Hubbard Street Dance stages a tribute to the international choreographer

William Forsythe rehearses N.N.N.N. with Hubbard Street Dancers Ana Lopez, Alicia Delgadillo, and Emilie Leriche (Photo / Todd Rosenberg)

The internationally recognized choreographer discusses his history with the Joffrey Ballet, the de-gendering of ballet, and who – if not him – acts as the true successor to the father of American Ballet.


A chance to dance; we take a look at Hubbard Street Dance Company's effort to boost homegrown talent.