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Values-Based Leadership

What qualities make a great leader? And what is the difference between leadership and values-based leadership? A former top CEO wrote the book, and he joins us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm with his four sometimes surprising principles for success.

Key Concepts

In From Values to Action, Harry M. Jansen Krae­mer Jr. discusses the key aspects of values-based leadership and how to build a values-based organization.

1. Self-reflection. This is essential for determin­ing one’s values, as well as for analyzing choices and decisions. Self-reflection enables people to take time out and evaluate situa­tions from a holistic perspective.

2. Balance and perspective. It is also important for leaders to balance their professional and personal lives, and to model this behavior for their organizations.

3. True self-confidence. Leaders with true self-confidence recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and accept themselves as they are.

4. Genuine humility. A leader with genuine humility relates well with others at all levels and this motivates the team to help the leader succeed.

To build a values based organization, leaders must establish values, create a team, set a clear direction, communicate effectively, motivate their teams, and execute well. Companies also have a responsibility to improve society. When organizations accept this responsibility, they can become significant in the world. 

Watch Kraemer discuss his findings from the book in the video below.