A Closer Look at Push to Fire Officers in Laquan McDonald Shooting


Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson wants seven officers fired over their reports on the Laquan McDonald shooting. We discuss how likely that is–and why the police union says Johnson's move is out of bounds.

Gourmet Mushrooms Grow in Old Meatpacking Plant


In this food-crazy town, more and more chefs are looking for locally grown produce for their menus. Now they can get gourmet, specialty mushrooms grown in the heart of Chicago. Jay Shefsky went to check it out.  

Voters to Decide on Downsizing Cook County Government


This fall, voters will get to decide whether or not to eliminate an entire branch of Cook County government that some say could save $1 million per year. Why other county officials are urging voters to keep it around.

Actions Seen as More Intentional in Slow Motion, Study Finds

Watching a slow motion replay of a violent football tackle or surveillance video of a fatal robbery can cause viewers to perceive the action as more intentional, according to a new study. (Pixabay)

Watching a slow-motion replay of a violent football tackle or surveillance video of a fatal robbery can cause viewers to perceive the action as more intentional, according to a new study.

CPS Looking to Increase Line of Credit up to $1.5 Billion

CPS is asking the Chicago Board of Education to approve an increase to its line of credit by nearly $500 million. (Publicdomainpictures)

On top of a $5.4 billion proposed budget and nearly $950 million in long-term borrowing, Chicago Public Schools is also seeking to increase its line of credit for the upcoming school year by nearly $500 million.

Free Running Series Returns to Neighborhood Parks This Fall


Lace up your running shoes and kick off your weekend on the right foot this fall with a morning community run. Get the full 'Go Run schedule.

Speakers Question TIF Dollars, Special Ed Funding at CPS Budget Hearings

Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool speaks on Aug. 8 about cash-strapped district's proposed 2017 budget. On Friday, Claypool attended a pair of public hearings on the proposal.

Nearly two dozen speakers attended a pair of hearings Friday to voice their concerns about the district's proposed 2017 budget, questioning the morality and legality of funding cuts and staff layoffs within the cash-strapped district.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco to Show Paintings in Solo Exhibition

"Uomo Mangiato Tigre (Man Eating Tiger)" by Wasalu Jaco (Lupe Fiasco). (Courtesy of Ed Paschke Art Center)

Chicago native Wasalu Jaco is a Renaissance man of sorts. Most people know him as Lupe Fiasco, a sharp-tongued rapper and music producer. But next month, another side of his creativity will be on display at the Ed Paschke Art Center.

New Bike Law Gives Cyclists the Right of Way in Illinois

A new law in Illinois clarifies that bicycles are vehicles. (Azri / Flickr)

Just days before two cyclists were fatally struck by automobiles in Chicago, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation strengthening the rights of cyclists.

New Illinois Law Aims to Improve Response to Sexual Assault

Medical professionals learn how to use the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection kit, which has several packets to collect evidence from a suspect and a patient of a sexual assault case. (Sgt. Rebecca Linder / Wikimedia Commons)

A yearlong review of the state's response to reports of sexual assault has resulted in a new law that aims to improve the process of investigation and offer better support for survivors.

The Week in Review: More Chicago Police Department Turmoil


Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson orders firings in the Laquan McDonald shooting cover-up. Donald Trump is trouble for Illinois Republicans. CPS pitches a billion-dollar bond sale, and the Cubs cruise towards the playoffs.

Original Chicago Cocktail: The Submachine


Our latest cocktail, inspired by Chicago boss William Dawson, brings north and south together with the sweet peaches of Dawson’s ancestral Georgia and the Irish whiskey of Chicago’s rough politics.

Jane Goodall: ‘Human Population Growth’ the Biggest Threat to Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall speaks at the Lincoln Park Zoo on Thursday as part of the Chimpanzees in Context conference. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Humans pose the greatest threat to chimpanzees, renowned British primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall said Thursday during an event at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Despite Lead in Polls, Maintaining Unity Still an Issue for Democrats

Hillary Clinton (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Hillary Clinton may be riding high in the polls but tensions between her and the progressive left of her party remain. What do Democrats need to do to maintain party unity?

Top Cop Moves to Fire 7 Officers Involved in Laquan McDonald Case


Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson moves to fire seven police officers who, according to a report, were complicit in covering up the police shooting of Laquan McDonald.

Making Sense of Illinois’ Changing Health Care Landscape


A growing number of health insurance companies are pulling out of Obamacare. Checking out the latest on the Affordable Care Act.